Remembering Naiad

Remembering Naiad

June 11, 2014 News and Events Remembered Friends 3

NaiadThe volunteers at CAWL are very sad to report that our senior potcake Naiad (aka Morgan Freeman) has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Naiad was a potcake dog brought to CAWL from the Humane Society of the Grand Bahama. Naiad was a shelter favorite and loved living in Colorado. According to the volunteers at HSGB, Naiad was fished out of a canal by HSGB staff in Sept 2009.  No one ever came looking for him.  They estimated the gorgeous labrador mix to be about 8 yrs old but claimed he had plenty of life in him yet!  He was never a minute’s problem at the shelter.  They likened him to a regal king; “he’s above all the rough and tumble playing but he still enjoys being in the big play groups”.  Our calm, collected, super smart, and affectionate senior potcake was adopted and lived a happy Colorado life with his new family, the Reynolds. He will be greatly missed by CAWL.Naiad and True Thank you True for fostering him and finding him such an amazing home and family to finish his life.

Thank you to the Humane Society of Grand Bahama, Operation Puppy Lift and The Kohn Foundation for continuing to care and raise awareness for the plight of the potcakes.


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  1. Curtis Reynolds says:

    Naiad, later went by the name Morgan Freeman to sound more American, melted our hearts from the first time we saw him. Morgan didn’t have a mean bone in his body and went right up to anyone for some love. He was a hit at the dog parks and demended recognition in his sheep skin jacket. Morgan has quite the story and was loved by many! He was a very spoiled little guy, loved his daily routine, walks, treats and his female senior companion (Jules). He will forever be in our thoughts and hearts.

  2. Beth Lazar @ CAWL says:

    Thank you for giving us an update from his family Curtis!

  3. Amanda Naslund says:

    My fiancé, Curtis was the proud owner of Morgan. Morgan was a big part of my life for the almost 8 months I had known him. Him and Jules even got to enjoy our first date together. I had recently lost my best friend over the summer, Morgan and Jules both helped with the big hole that was left in my heart.

    I really have so many favorite memories, but I think the best was when I was watching both of the pups at my house over Thanksgiving. Jules woke both Morgan and myself up on Thanksgiving. Morgan was not really pleased and started making grunting noises at Jules and went to charge at her. That was the only time I saw him get “mad” about anything. I still laugh at the noises that he used to make.

    Morgan was one of the best dogs I have ever had in my life. I still miss my greetings when I get over to his dad’s house and his company. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, rest in peace Morgan Freeman!! Love you buddy!!

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