Volunteer Spotlight: Jen and Andy

Volunteer Spotlight: Jen and Andy

July 29, 2014 Articles News and Events 0

J and A 2 CAWL is incredibly for grateful to Jen GaNun and Andy Thomas! Jen and Andy have been fostering and volunteering with CAWL for an incredible 5 years! Yep FIVE!

Super talented Jen is a nanny, performs with Tigress Dance Company and teaches dance as well. Andy is a Project Manager at Western States Art Federation, plays guitar and performs with Jen all over the world. They are currently performing in Athens, Greece.Jen and Andy

Recently married, these newlyweds foster dogs and cats, help with adoption events and even fostered and trained CAWL’s deaf puppy Dolly! Their current foster cat, Jesse, is black and is quite the dreamboat! Jen and Andy would love to place Jesse in a great home.

Big congratulations to them both and enjoy your honeymoon/tour in Greece!Jesse cat

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