Adoption Process


If one of our animals has won your heart, just fill out the Adoption Application and one of our volunteers will contact you.  Please understand that we have a “Best Home” policy for all of our pets which means that we evaluate each application received for our rescues and choose the best possible home, not necessarily the first application received.

We DO NOT have a physical location, as all of our animals are fostered in individual homes. If our volunteers feel you are a match for an animal after your application review and your phone interview, we will arrange to have you meet the dog or cat of your dreams.

Our adoption fees are: $200 for puppies, $175 for adult dogs, $100 for senior dogs, $120 for kittens, and $75 for cats. CAWL does reserve the right to modify these fees at any time and may modify the fees for a specific animal as well.  Fees include spay or neuter if arranged thru CAWL, and all age-appropriate vaccinations.

False information or omission of pertinent information submitted to CAWL will void your application. Failure to comply with all future adoption requirements and agreements can result in this animal being reclaimed by CAWL and will result in your inability to adopt from CAWL in the future. CAWL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY APPLICATION AT ANY TIME.

We have a 4 step adoption process which must be completed before we place any of our animals. Adoptions completed through local PetSmart stores may be processed slightly differently.

Adoption Process:

1) One of our volunteers will review your application to ensure completeness and will also follow up with your landlord for approval if you are renting your home.

2) The application will then be forwarded to our Adoption Counselor and the animal’s foster home volunteer for review.

3) If your application is a potential match for the animal requested, we will then request a phone interview to discuss the needs of the animal along with the needs and expectations of the adoptive family.

4) Assuming the phone interview indicates a potential match for both the family and the animal, a meet and greet with our CAWL pet and your family, including the pets in the family.  We want to find the right home for our dogs and cats, and we want to find the right pet for your family.

You should receive a response from one of our volunteers within 3-4 days after submission of your application.

Please understand that we are an all volunteer group and have established this process to ensure that our animals are placed in forever homes.


We have found that puppies from the same litter tend to bond to one another, to their detriment, when adopted together. Therefore, we do not adopt out two puppies from the same litter to the same adopter.

** The general guideline is that puppies may be left alone, for no longer in hours than the number of months of their ages. Please do not apply for a young puppy if you intend to be gone all day.

I have read the above statements and understand CAWL’s policies and procedures. I am now ready to view the available animals!