The Colorado Animal Welfare League board and staff would like to offer our thanks and deep gratitude to the following people and organizations without which we would not be able to help the animals:

  • Franktown Animal Clinic – for the doctors and staff taking such spayandneuter1good care of the dogs and cats we have brought them and for saving little Zoey’s life.
  • Holly Aubart and Dumb Friends League for their help with spay/neuter for CAWL animals, for the donation of the DFL’s retired Meow Mobile, and for donations of other supplies that DFL is unable to utilize in a timely manner.
  • Betsy Vajtay – for helping us organize events, for being our official/unofficial photographer, and for fostering and managing some fantastic CAWL alumni!
  • Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital – for offering our amazing care and assistance to our northern most fosters.
  • Dr. Emily Hays – for always being a goto for the team and for being the best spay/neuter vet we could ever work with on these crazy excursions we schedule.
  • Colorado Animal Rescue Express – for transporting and helping us save dogs.
  • DIA Dog Club – and Sandy for boarding some of our rescue dogs for us.
  • Ruthann Marina Macolini – for assisting with all the legal and paperwork, for helping us get started, and for the introductions she was able to provide for us.
  • Kami and John Brandt – for transferring and neutering so many great dogs for us.
  • Bark! Doggie Daycare in Denver – for being the best doggy daycare, assisting with fosters, and posting on their Facebook page for us.
  • All of our friends and family – for working so hard to support us and for caring for the animals when we need help.