CAWL Puppies Star in Puppy Bowl X

CAWL rescues Laney and Loren are starring in Puppy Bowl X being aired on the Animal Planet network February 2nd, at 1 PM MST. While Laney and Loren have both been adopted to amazing families, we hope you will still join us at Denver's Watering Bowl on Feb 2nd to support team CAWL!

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Where Can I Find Low Cost Spay/Neuter Options?

As an animal welfare organization, we have chosen to put a major focus on the importance of spay/neuter as a means for controlling the rampant animal overpopulation which leads the euthanization of thousands of animals each year. Our initial foray into this area has been the build-out of our mobile

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CAWL Launches Lindsey’s Blog

Lindsey and 2 foster catsWe are so excited today to launch a brand new feature on our website! Lindsey’s Blog is the blog of our crazy cat coordinator who hopes to add fun and useful articles on bottle feeding kittens, being a foster mom and the general craziness with running the cat program here at CAWL. Lindsey has also lined up some great guest posters so stay tuned for great new content from her and her team! Congratulations Lindsey! We LOVE you!

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CAWL to Participate in World Spay Day 2014- 20th Anniversary Event

By Lindsey Patrick-Elster, CAWL Board Member/Cat Coordinator


CAWL has started the New Year off with a bang, helping to plan an exciting four-day event for the 20th Anniversary of World Spay Day! We’re so excited to be partnering with Denver Dumb Friends League, Denver Animal Shelter, and Downtown Animal Care Center to provide FREE cat spay/neuter and discounted dog spay/neuter for this worldwide campaign. This is our first year being a part of World Spay Day, so we are thrilled to be able to participate. We are also super excited about using our brand new (to us) mobile spay/neuter unit- the SNOW Mobile (Spay Neuter On Wheels) with our awesome vet, Dr. Emily Hays!

On Monday and Tuesday, SpayDayFlyer February 24th and 25th, CAWL and DFL will be at Denver Animal Shelter (1241 West Bayaud Avenue, Denver, CO 80233), offering FREE spay/neuter for cats, with vaccinations included (limit three cats per household, cats must be 2 pounds to undergo surgery).  No appointment is necessary, but we are expecting a high volume for this event so get there early, as it is first come, first serve!  Check in begins at 7:30 a.m. All cats must be in carriers (no boxes, please).

This event continues on Wednesday and Thursday, February 26th and 27th at a second location, Downtown Animal Care Center (1041 Galapago Street, Denver, CO 80204). CAWL will have the SNOW mobile, and will be providing FREE cat spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations on both days with no appointment necessary (limit three cats per household, cats must be 2 pounds to undergo surgery). This is a first come, first serve event as well, with check in starting at 7:30 a.m. All cats must be in carriers (no boxes).

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Laney and Loren Go To NYC for Puppy Bowl X

By Lisa Petri, CAWL President

Lisa with Laney and Loren in NYCIn August CAWL was contact by Animal Planet who was looking for puppies to star in Puppy Bowl X. Kyle and I shot some quick video of Laney and Loren and sent it off, not thinking another thing about it. Early in September, we got an email saying that Laney was accepted and could come to New York City! Another week passed and Loren was accepted as well. On October 2nd, Kyle and I packed up crates, beds, food, bowls, toys, chewies, leashes, vet records and two puppies and headed off to the airport. We looked like we were moving! A mere 7 hours later the four of us were in Manhattan!

Growing up in Franktown, Colorado, the puppies had never seen anything like New York City. Neither one of them had ever walked on a leash, been to a dog park or driven in a taxi. We checked into the hotel in Midtown and headed to the first park we could find to stretch their legs and burn some puppy energy. A hotel employee gave us directions to Madison Square Park which has a fantastic dog park. Kyle carried Loren and I carried Laney 7 blocks to the park. It was wonderful there. The puppies loved it and all the New Yorkers could not have been nicer; people stopped to love on the pups and help us with directions! It was great and we all four slept like the dead that night.

Lisa with Laney and Loren in NYCThe alarm went off at 5 AM (3 AM Colorado Time!) so we could get everything done and be in Chelsea at the film studio by 7:30 for check in. We carried them back to the park, fed them and gave them a chance to run and play. NYC may be the city that never sleeps but the park was completely empty at 6 AM so we had it all to ourselves! We even did a little leash training by walking from the park to the corner to catch the cab. We made it to the studio in time and there were already puppies and rescuers outside waiting to check in.

A million releases later, a vet check and then time for “Hero Shots” where every puppy posed for portraits and some video while the fosters talked about them on camera. They taped our voices but not our faces! We were clearly not cute enough for the big screen that day! In the ‘green room’ there were several ex-pens with signs on them for the puppies to wait for their turns on stage. The room was packed. Over 60 puppies were there along with their foster parents and Animal Planet volunteers. Laney was in the first group and was quickly whisked off to perform. What a star! Kyle and I could watch on the television in the green room and we could see how well she was doing. She played with all the puppies and even splashed in the water bowl.

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CAWL’s Wobbly Cat Gets a Forever Home

CAWL's BrennanThank you Colorado Animal Welfare League for all you do for the animals in need and giving all those wonderful four legged friends a second chance! We adopted a kitten named Brennen from the Colorado Animal Welfare League a few months ago. Brennan He was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) at 4 weeks of age and consequently has poor coordination and head tremors. My husband and I immediately fell in love with this special little guy and decided to give him a place to call home. We are so blessed to have him in our lives, as he has taught us somuch. He does not let his disability get in the way of having a happy life. He loves playing with our eighty pound dog and chasing our two cats. He can eat, drink and go to the bathroom on his own. CH cats and other special needs animals can lead very normal long lives and can provide their owners with so much happiness. If you are looking to adopt, please consider a special needs animal to join your family.
- Brennen’s Adoptive Family


Cerebellar Hypoplasia also known as Wobbly Cat Syndrome 
by Dr. Emily Hays

Kittens are born affected with cerebellar hypoplasia or CH. It may take a few weeks until the kitten begins to explore and scuttle around to notice that something could be wrong with coordination and motor skill movements. While the kittens are developing they may look like a “bobble head”, walk with a wide stance to compensate for feeling off balance and then later may walk upright but with a lean or against walls. The most noticeable time is when the kitten is intending to do something like eat, drink, focus on and play with a toy- that is why the tremors are called intention tremors. Despite these obvious motor skill deficits, CH cats are happy cats, able to eat and drink and use the litter box as any non-CH cat would.

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