Gracie - Pitcake

Gracie is a Potcake (pitcake) from the island of Grand Bahama! Potcakes are known for their wonderful temperament and calm demeanor. She is spayed, vaccinated and heartworm negative! Gracie would love a calm home. More about Gracie

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Where Can I Find Low Cost Spay/Neuter Options?

As an animal welfare organization, we have chosen to put a major focus on the importance of spay/neuter as a means for controlling the rampant animal overpopulation which leads the euthanization of thousands of animals each year. Our initial foray into this area has been the build-out of our mobile

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CAWL Partners with DFL for World Spay Day 2015


Each year on February 24, 2015 World Spay Day takes place. Humane Society of the United States encourages nationwide, as well as worldwide clinics,  to offer free or low cost spay and neuter services in order to increase education and availability to pet owners. This year, as in previous years, Colorado Animal Welfare League was able to participate in World Spay Day. Our trusty and adventurous mobile unit, the SNOWmobile was able to join forces with Dumb Friend League’s own LuLu Mobile and Meow Mobile to offer free cat spay and neuters. Joining together we were able to offer spay and neuter surgery, as well as vaccinations,  to 72 cool Colorado cats. Helping to provide these cats with longer healthier lives and preventing unwanted litters.

Thank you for HSUS for adding such great recognition to World Spay Day each year and for allowing so many of us to get together and offer more spay and neuter services within our communities.  Thank you to all the excellent volunteers that help us make this event possible and the donors that recognize the importance of spay and neutering our pets.

Special Spay Day Thank you to:

Emily Hays, Jason Cordeiro, Maryanne Atherton, Lindsey Patrick-Elster, Michele Blackburn, Katie Eversoll-Hobert, and Nancy Hays Howard

There are many options for excellent low cost spay and neuter services around the Denver area. Please visit this link for spay and neuter options for your pet:

For more information about World Spay Day you can visit:

Volunteer Spotlight: Betsy

Betsy and TrudyThe CAWL team would like to give amazing thanks and hugs to a volunteer who is very special to us. Betsy Vajtay has been giving her time selflessly to CAWL since 2011. Betsy has filled so many roles for us: official event photographer, dog intake coordinator, foster home, adoption coordinator, transporter, fund raiser, event coordinator, and general cheerleader. Maggie and Rocky

Unstoppable Betsy is a yoga instructor and marketing guru who tirelessly assists us in our effort to rescue and spay/neuter homeless animals. Her love of animals brought her to CAWL where she fostered for the team before finding her dear Rocky through our program.

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Help Lewis Get a Leg

lewisreindeeryesUPDATE 12/9/2014 – Congratulations Lewis – you will now have your leg for Christmas! We did it! Our Dr. Em is setting up Lewis’ first appointment for his initial prosthetic leg THANKS TO OUR AMAZING DONORS!! He will wear this temporary leg for 4-6 months while he gets used to it and so that OrthoPets can determine what changes may need to made to his permanent prosthetic. Part 1 funded thanks to you wonderful people. I think I’m a bit weepy now. Yay Lewis and to everyone that helped. Dr. Em will follow up with pictures and videos of Lewis’ visit to OrthoPets and we will find out how much more is needed for his permanent leg. Amazing day!


Lewis came to Colorado Animal Welfare League by owner surrender. In the middle of this summer the CAWL SNOWmobile was in La Jara, CO working on a grant to spay and neuter the public owned dog population of the San Luis Valley. In the midst of morning check in we realized there was an extra kennel with no surgery consent form attached, rather a surrender form. A man had signed his name and noted he was surrendering the dog to CAWL and had left the premises.

His kennel was filled with about 60 pounds of shy and thin, black and tan fur. Coaxed out with just a few kind noises and gentle hands and we realized it was a near full grown handsome black and tan shepherd mix that was missing half of his right front limb. He loved people and attention but was quite shy to walk with you, stumbling and fumbling, not quite comfortable with his incomplete limb. For the remainder of that spay and neuter clinic he learned to walk on leash and to accept the love and attention we all gave him. We learned that he simply adores children and always has a smile on his face. We also came to recognize that his limb was missing at an anatomical place that made it very difficult for him to not use it, but using it was not effective. Lewis rode back to the Denver area with the spay neuter team and quickly landed a great foster family. Not long after we were lucky enough to get a consultation with OrthoPets. Lucky for Lewis OrthoPets is right here in Denver and is world renowned for their mission to ”improve their patient’s quality of life through innovative prosthetic and orthotic solutions”. An initial visit to OrthoPets helped us learn a lot about Lewis: he was likely born with a partial front right limb, this boy still had some growing to do and most exciting he is an excellent candidate for a prosthetic front right leg.

Help Lewis Get a Leg

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Help Stop Bubba’s Pain


Donate for TECA-BO surgery for Bubba

UPDATE!! Great news!! Bubba has been accepted into the CSU program!! We will keep you updated with details as we get them! Yay Bubba! Bubba is a wonderful and sweet pit bull mix who needs a special surgery. He was left with untreated chronic ear infections for so long, his body started fighting back through growths in his ears that essentially look like cauliflower. This condition is very painful for him leaving him constantly shaking his head, rubbing his ears on the ground, and constant scratching. Bubba needs his ear canals removed which is an extensive surgery that typically costs around $4000. We are hoping to get him accepted into CSU for TECA-BO surgery at a reduced rate of what we hope will be around $2000. The CAWL board has voted to help this sweet dog but we are desperately in need of donations to help cover these costs. Please consider helping this wonderful companion who has been left to suffer for so long.
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