CAWL Partners with DFL for World Spay Day 2015


Each year on February 24, 2015 World Spay Day takes place. Humane Society of the United States encourages nationwide, as well as worldwide clinics,  to offer free or low cost spay and neuter services in order to increase education and availability to pet owners. This year, as in previous years, Colorado Animal Welfare League was able to participate in World Spay Day. Our trusty and adventurous mobile unit, the SNOWmobile was able to join forces with Dumb Friend League’s own LuLu Mobile and Meow Mobile to offer free cat spay and neuters. Joining together we were able to offer spay and neuter surgery, as well as vaccinations,  to 72 cool Colorado cats. Helping to provide these cats with longer healthier lives and preventing unwanted litters.

Thank you for HSUS for adding such great recognition to World Spay Day each year and for allowing so many of us to get together and offer more spay and neuter services within our communities.  Thank you to all the excellent volunteers that help us make this event possible and the donors that recognize the importance of spay and neutering our pets.

Special Spay Day Thank you to:

Emily Hays, Jason Cordeiro, Maryanne Atherton, Lindsey Patrick-Elster, Michele Blackburn, Katie Eversoll-Hobert, and Nancy Hays Howard

There are many options for excellent low cost spay and neuter services around the Denver area. Please visit this link for spay and neuter options for your pet:

For more information about World Spay Day you can visit:

Galleta: The Story of Our Rescued Dominican Coconut Retriever

Galleta was approximately 7 weeks old when she was found wandering the streets of Cabrera, a small, seaside town in the Dominican Republic. Galleta was pretty near death, covered in fleas, full of worms, dehydrated and hungry. Her little belly was distended, due to her worms, and who knows the last time that she had eaten or drank anything that wasn’t from a gutter.

Galleta and other female puppies like her are a dime a dozen in Cabrera, and other Dominican towns and cities. The people living here usually can’t afford to spay their female dogs on their own. Many of the dogs are free-roaming and come and go as they please. They become impregnated by the unaltered male dogs that roam the streets, and when a litter is born, the owners of the female dog often keep the males and dump the females, so they don’t have to worry about those puppies having more puppies and on and on. The females are usually dumped at one of the many beaches, with the thinking that tourists will feed the puppies and they’ll be fine. Sadly, most of the dumped puppies don’t survive.

Luckily, for Galleta, she hit the Puppy Powerball, and ended up in the care of Emma Clifford, who runs Animal Balance, a non-profit dedicated to spay/ neuter in impoverished countries. Emma currently lives in Cabrera, and her Animal Balance organization holds several campaigns in Cabrera annually, to spay and neuter the dogs and cats of Cabrera. Also, luckily enough for Galleta, the second campaign in Cabrera was getting ready to start, meaning several vets, techs and other animal lovers would be converging on Cabrera for the campaign. Galleta was still touch and go the week before the campaign started, with her survival in question. She began to improve slowly, and then, when the volunteers rolled into town, she took up residence with one of the volunteers from Canada, in her motel room. There, she was fed consistently, doted on consistently, and watched round the clock. She began to thrive. She stayed with this volunteer for the better part of two weeks, before it came time to make a decision……..what to do with Galleta now.

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Bernard – Domestic Short Hair

Sweet playful kitten, 4 mos old, adorable!

Bernard is a doll!  He is young, sweet and so so playful!  Bernard is about 3 or 4 mos old, neutered, chipped and vaccinated.  Bernard is deaf, like many white/blue eyed pets.  He is otherwise healthy and happy.  Adoption fee is $125.

CAWL SNOWmobile reaches 5000 spay/neuter surgeries milestone!


Colorado Animal Welfare League SNOWmobile performed our 5000th surgery! A lovely female Shepard mix name Calypso was the happy &willing number 5000 spay at our recent clinic in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Since beginning our spay neuter program we have been able to help [Read more…]

Peak Fix – Spay/Neuter Event

The “Peak Fix” is a one-day spay/neuter event for the communities along Peak-to-Peak highway. In 2013, more than 15,000 pets entered the Boulder Humane Society and Foothills Animal Shelter. Despite their many progressive programs, there are still too many homeless pets in our community. That [Read more…]

Larry – Dalmatian/Jack Russell Terrier

Active, happy and playful! Larry is a wonderful dog!

Larry is a doll!  Larry is about 30 lbs., neutered and chipped.  Larry is good with dogs, cats and kids.  Larry likes to go in the car.  Larry was a stray but now needs a [Read more…]

Volunteer Spotlight and Special Surprise: Katie

For the last 4 years the Maldonado family has volunteered with CAWL fostering dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.  This family has never turned away an animal in need, they are incredibly caring and compassionate.  Dozens of lucky animals have spent time in their home [Read more…]

Amos – Podengo Potcake

Amos was a very sick puppy when CAWL’s spay/neuter team met him on Grand Bahama Island. He had almost starved to death.  He was treated for several different things and is now healthy and ready to go home!

Click here for more about Amos.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Wil

Wil Wellisch is a native of Minnesota and moved to Denver over 40 years ago.    He was a Professor at Metro State University and taught for decades before retiring to save dogs.  For almost 20 years, Wil has fostered dogs with many of the big [Read more…]