Palmer Lake Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project

Palmer Lake Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project

August 23, 2011 News and Events Spay/Neuter 1

By: Lisa Petri, CAWL Vice President

Volunteers from CAWL spent their Sunday spaying and neutering at the Palmer Lake Mobile Home Park.  Over sixty cats were sterilized and thirteen were placed in foster homes to be prepared for adoption.

Dolly, a resident of the mobile home park, suddenly passed away recently leaving over 100 of her cats in the community. Neighbors of Dolly’s, Pat and Linda, graciously took over the care and responsibility of the cats to the best of their ability but rampant breeding among these homeless cats quickly made the job overwhelming for the couple.

CAWL was then contacted to help by bringing in our Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic and a team of veterinarians and volunteers. To best help the cats and the residents of the community, CAWL performed TNR (Trap Neuter and Return).  According to Linda, “neutering that number of cats will help tremendously”.

Pat, along with other volunteers, spent two days trapping the now feral cats.  All of the cats that were trapped were neutered, vaccinated and were given dewormer.  Even though the volunteers were there over fifteen hours, many cats were left uncaught.  CAWL will continue to monitor the situation and hopes to help in the future as well.

Monetary donations for cat food or cat food donations are desperately needed at the park.  Please contact CAWL (720-515-CAWL) if you can make a donation to help feed these feral cats in Palmer Lake.

As an exciting aside to this project in Palmer Lake, on Sunday CAWL spayed our 1,500th animal from our spay/neuter program!  The sterilization of 1,500 animals is made possible mostly through donations and grants for programs in areas that need this help the most.  The gorgeous white kitten pictured in this article was lucky number 1,500!

Many thanks to: Pat and Linda, Mike, and all the residents in Palmer Lake that helped.  Also, a huge thank you to the owners and management of the park, who helped with set up and made a very nice donation to help with the project.  Joan Banko, who brought this problem to the attention of CAWL volunteers, also made a nice contribution and drummed up other support for the project as well.

Special thanks to all the volunteers, vets and techs:  Jason Cordeiro, Caitlin Leondard, Ruth Andrews, Holly Winters, Kim Brothis, Lindsey Paulson and Brandy Feliciano Becker.

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  1. Sherrie Swan says:

    I feed a small feral colony in Falcon, CO. I’m looking for a rescue or individual that can foster and socialize a litter of feral kittens that I intend to trap. I have managed to TNR a couple of adults, but still have 2 unspayed females. I’ve trapped several litters of kittens in the last couple of years, and all of them are pets and doing well. I know resources and fosters are in short supply, but I have to try to help them.
    I have not trapped this litter yet, but plan to try tomorrow night and again this weekend as it’s unlikely I’ll get them all at once. I have a place to keep them for a few days, but only a few days. I have another, older litter in my apartment with my cat, so I’m maxed out.
    Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary helped me with one litter, but they are beyond full.
    I can certainly help with information if anyone is up to the task.
    Sherrie Swan

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