Kelsy and Ainsley – Philanthropy Starts Early

Kelsy and Ainsley – Philanthropy Starts Early

February 15, 2011 News and Events 1

Sisters Kelsy and Ainsley had planned to spend a beautiful, sunny, weekend day shopping with their parents. They had both had saved some money for themselves and were excited about the possible outcome of their trip.

Prior to seeking out their personal treasures, the family stopped into the local PetSmart store unaware of the treasures that awaited them inside.

On that particular weekend, the Colorado Animal Welfare League (CAWL) had brought a number of their available rescue dogs to that very PetSmart for the PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend.

We were introduced to Kelsy and Ainsley as they interacted and played with Sammie and Bubba, two young rescue puppies from a Nebraska shelter that CAWL had just accepted into our program. Inquisitive as to how the puppies got there and why they were available through our rescue program, the girls were enthralled with the information. Our volunteers explained how animal rescue works and how our programs are supported through adoption fees and donations.

Insistent at that point upon helping the animals, the old sister pulled the $10 out of her purse that she had intended to spend on her shopping extravaganza and told our volunteers that she wanted to give it to the group. Upon seeing this selfless action of her older sister, the younger sister pulled all of the money out of her purse and said she wanted to donate it as well. Their father, who had to be pleased as punch at both of his daughters at that point, chose to match their donation to CAWL.

The girls (pictured above with Sammie, Bubba, and one of the Bubba’s newest family members) spent a long time playing and snuggling with the all of the CAWL dogs at the event and even came back to snuggle some more and say goodbye after their shopping was done.

A huge barkout to Kelsy, Ainsley and their family for supporting the animals at CAWL. Girls you will make great dog rescuers some day! And to girl’s parents, you have some amazing daughters…


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