Help CAWL with Veterinary Bills for Velvet

Help CAWL with Veterinary Bills for Velvet

June 23, 2013 News and Events 2

Velvet's Huge Cast

Velvet came to CAWL from a local municipal shelter, where animal control had recovered her with an open fracture (badly broken leg with the bone exposed).  She was about 5 weeks old and weighed less than a pound.  She was put in a temporary cast, one longer than her entire body!

X-rays showed a complex fracture and injury that would require extensive (and multiple) surgeries over time in order to fix her broken leg; they weren’t sure she would avoid infection from her injury long enough to even survive if we went that route. Amputating the leg was her best option, but she wasn’t even big enough to handle anesthesia. This cutie took all of the poking and prodding in stride to help us make the best decision for her.

Velvet After

With a lot of love and TLC, we were able to keep Velvet clean, happy, and calm-enough to let her gain the weight she needed to have the surgery.  She refused to eat unless fed off a spoon, and we happily did so to get her fattened up!  She had strict supervision from her foster mom to avoid furthering the damage to her body, though she wanted desperately to interact and play with her foster siblings.
Velvet had her amputation surgery on May 28th, and within two days was hopping

Lucky Velvet

 around like normal.  Her recovery has been amazing and we are so proud to say that she will be healthy and ready for adoption in just a few short weeks.  In the meantime, we would love to have your help in raising funds for her surgery.  We can’t help animals like Velvet without support from our CAWL friends and family!
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2 Responses

  1. Kelly Atencio says:

    Although we have never met Miss Velvet, she looks like a little sweetheart. We are so grateful her surgery was successful and we wish her a life full of happiness and love! God bless her and every other animal, as they are all angels from up above.

    The A Team

  2. We lost our precious cat on 11/8/13; our hearts were broken into a million pieces. We were looking to provide a great home to another cat when I came upon this great story. I am donating to Ms. Velvet and her surgery in the name of my beloved Figaro. Who will never be forgotten, and hopefully, live on with the spunky and beautiful Velvet 🙂

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