Guinness (aka Sallygator)

Guinness (aka Sallygator)

November 18, 2009 Adoption Stories Successful Adoptions 0

We adopted Guinness from the Colorado Animal Welfare League in October. We had a similar lab in the past that we lost to cancer and we weren’t really looking to replace her at the time. My husband saw a picture on Facebook of a sweet black lab looking for a home that had been posted by a friend.

We thought we would call and just find out a little more about this dog just because she appealed to us.  We found out that Sally Gator had been rescued from a shelter and was currently in foster care. She had been injured with a broken leg and a broken jaw but seemed to be healing reasonably well.

When we met Sally Gator we were concerned about her injuries but she bonded immediately with our son. She has been renamed Guinness and leads quite a charmed life now. Our vet assures us that her injuries will have little to no impact on her quality of life and that she should heal quite well. Thank you to the Colorado Animal Welfare League for connecting us to our new family member!

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