CAWL’s Native Lands Project Helps Three Communities in Need

CAWL’s Native Lands Project Helps Three Communities in Need

August 22, 2011 Announcements Spay/Neuter 3

As summer comes to a close, CAWL and its unstoppable spay/neuter team, composed entirely of volunteers, continues to work in those areas of the country that need spay/neuter the most- Indian Reservations.

With the numbers of unaltered animals extremely high, and spay/neuter options scarce, CAWL has targeted communities in the Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico regions, as places most in need of spay/neuter services.

The latest trip, held from August 9-14,served three native lands’ communities in need: Chinle, AZ, Shiprock, NM and Towaoc, CO. All in all, 235 animals were sterilized, with small teams of volunteers working in each community. In addition, CAWL took the opportunity to train a team from the ASPCA in New York City, that is entering the National Spay/Neuter Training landscape with a new program centered around sustainable spay/neuter.

Volunteer veterinarians came from Colorado and Miami, and although the teams were small, they were extremely efficient and made a huge impact in the lives of the animals and people of each area served.

Plans are being made for two separate October campaigns. Please consider joining us or donating to the cause- so many lives saved, so many lives impacted.

We would like to thank the following for their efforts on the August campaign:

Dr. Shane Cote- Montezuma Veterinary Clinic- Cortez, CO
Dr. Yvonne Provci- Dade County Animal Services- Miami, FL
Dr. Jennifer Bolser- Humane Society of Boulder Valley- Boulder, CO

Liz Peach- ASPCA- New York
Nicole Kresse- ASPCA- New York
Myles Chadwick- ASPCA- New York
Chance Cote- Cortez, CO
Julienne- Montezuma Veterinary Clinic- Cortez, CO

Cindy Yurth- Blackhat Humane- Chinle, AZ

Lisa Petri- CAWL- Franktown, CO
Holly Winters- CAWL- Englewood, CO
Aaron Wandersee- CAWL- Denver, CO
Emorette- HSBV- Boulder, CO
Amanda Griffin- HSBV- Boulder, CO

Wendy Haugen- Foundation for Protection of Animals- Durango, CO
Darcy Williamson- LaPlata County Humane- Durango, CO
Bill Williams- For Pets Sake- Cortez, CO
George Wells, Sandy and Arnold- Towaoc Animal Care- Towaco, CO
Kathy Rotecap- Cortez, CO
Jim Karlin and Mark Amo- Shiprock, NM
Karen Storm- Cortez, CO
All of the wonderful volunteers from For Pets Sake that support us every time we are in town!


3 Responses

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Great job CAWL! Will you be sending out an email regarding the October dates?

  2. Beth Lazar @ CAWL says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! As soon as we hear we will post October dates on the website. Otherwise, you can try calling the Spay/Neuter number on our contact page directly.

  3. Mike Hutton says:

    The CAWL is an organization that truly makes a difference, I have seen the results of some of their efforts here on the Navajo Nation.

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