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Message from the President

Happy 2016!

CAWL had a fantastic year in 2015 and we are hoping to do even more this year.  While the major focus is spay and neuter, we do have some new dogs coming in soon and are looking for foster homes.  Fostering is a great way to help two animals as you are opening a spot in a shelter for another dog that needs it. Saving two lives is a great way to start the New Year.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to much success in 2016!

Winter Animal Healthcare Tips  
  1. Keep animals away from ornaments and other items that can cause harm
  2. Be sure to put away hazardous chemicals, like anti-freeze - can be fatal
  3. Outdoor pets should be provided adequate shelter, warm bedding and fresh water daily - watch for low temps, bring animals in if too cold
  4. Table food is loaded with ingredients that can be harmful to pets - be mindful
  5. Ensure pet clothing, like sweaters and jackets, are dry at all times
  6. Watch for chemicals like salty sidewalks used to melt ice, cleans paws - painful  and irritating if ingested
  7. If animals are left in the cold - report it
 For more information and winter tips check out the 
Humane Society and ASPCA
Be proactive, be responsible!  Our pets rely on our love and protection.

  • Spay/Neutered 1339 cats and dogs
  • Successfully Adopted out 95 cats and 24 dogs
  • Safely transferred 147 animals from unsafe areas to safe shelters.
  • Grant Sponsors:
    • Animal Assistance Foundation 
    • PetSmart Charites
    • Lilly Foundation
  • Spay/Neuter Sponsors:
    • Lucky Day Animal Rescue
    • Encana Cares
  • Provided Food donations to
    • Cats Alive
    • Gallup Humane
    • Animal Rescue Conejos County
    • Animal Rescue Southern Colorado and
    • many low-income or fixed income pet owners
2016 Underway

January 29-31st - Alamosa Stats
  • Spay/Neutered 41 cats and 29 dogs = 70 total
  • We brought back 13 cats and 8 dogs for adoption.
  • There are also 5 Potcake pups that arrived from the Grand Bahamas.
Thanks to all those individuals that helped out, we really appreciate all that you do!

February Clinic information listed below...more to come!
Big Thank You's - We couldn't do this without you!!!
Milli Barton
Best Friends
Christian Watts
Chris Petri
Colorado Animal Rescue Express
Dogster’s Spay Neuter
Dumb Friends League
Encana Cares
Glenda Ricono
Hale Dog Doors
Lilly Foundation
Lucky Day Animal Rescue
MWI Veterinary Supply
William J Wellisch
Zales Foundation
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Upcoming Clinics
February in Elizabeth at 4703 County Road, 114.  Please call 720.515.2295 for an appointment.