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Welcome to my blog!  I’m excited to start writing and hope to encourage people to get involved with rescue and fostering.  This has become such a huge part of my life that it’s hard for me to keep from sharing it with everyone I meet!  I think having a blog is a great platform for getting people started with kitten care, but we’ll also be sharing happy adoption stories and fun CAWL related things as well.

A little bit about me: I’ve been part of an animal loving family my whole life.  I don’t remember a time that we didn’t have pets, many times animals that somehow found us and ended up being part of the family.  We were regulars at our local shelters, stopping in on the weekends to play with the dogs and cats.  My mom and dad volunteer for a local shelter and foster dogs as well.  It’s not surprising that I ended up working in rescue- it’s always been something very close to my heart!!

One of my all-time favorite fosters, Sunshine

One of my all-time favorite fosters, Sunshine

I’ve been working with Colorado Animal Welfare League for about a year now, starting as a foster, moving to Crazy Cat Lady Coordinator (seriously, that’s my title), and most recently, becoming a member of the Board of Directors.  I’m really proud to be part of this organization- I’m lucky to have a group of friends and mentors that I get to work with every day. :)

I’m the proud mom of two young kiddos who honestly love what we do.  They have new kittens to play with pretty much all the time- who wouldn’t love that?  Even though it’s a lot of work, they enjoy having them around, and for the most part deal well with all the things that come along with fostering.  My daughter has such a passion for animals and has been a HUGE help with my bottle-fed kittens.  It’s amazing to see her learn and watch her compassion grow!  My son is a great asset as well- he’s the one in charge of manhandling all our foster kittens and helping them adjust to being in a family with kids.  Alright, that’s a joke.  Kind of.

My cute daughter with a bunch of foster friends!

My cute daughter with a bunch of foster friends!

My wonderful husband isn’t the biggest cat lover in the world, but the life of rescue is growing on him.  He’s my biggest cheerleader and he’s incredibly supportive of the job that I do.  He’s a good guy.  When he’s not working his day job, he’s hanging out with our lab/pit mix, Brian, who is his best friend in the world (and the most odd dog I’ve ever met, but that’s a story for another day).  We also have a pretty Australian shepherd/German shorthaired pointer mix named Annie, whose job in life is to chew.   At least that’s what someone told her somewhere along the lines, and boy, does she take that job seriously.


Typical night in our house- you have to fight for your place on the couch...

Typical night in our house- you have to fight for your place on the couch…

We also have cats (surprise, surprise!)- Elle, our 10 month old calico, was a kitten from my very first bottle fed litter last April; Kelley, our 7 month old tortoiseshell who also came to us at 4 days old in July; Finn, our two year old Siberian; and Jessie, our big black domestic shorthair.  They’re all very different and add something fun to our lives.

My first bottle-fed kittens, Elle and Gary, at 6 days (ish) old.

My first bottle-fed kittens, Elle and Gary, at 6 days (ish) old.

I hope you have enjoy my little corner of the world! Thanks for reading!



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  • Thommy Harcek

    Hi there,

    After witnessing the dogs on Nassau (potcakes), I knew I had to help:) I was part of the team that helped with the Ft. Lauderdale airlift on Friday.

    I just wanted to thank you for everything you do!! Much needed.


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