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Help Stop Bubba’s Pain


Donate for TECA-BO surgery for Bubba

UPDATE!! Great news!! Bubba has been accepted into the CSU program!! We will keep you updated with details as we get them! Yay Bubba! Bubba is a wonderful and sweet pit bull mix who needs a special surgery. He was left with untreated chronic ear infections for so long, his body started fighting back through growths in his ears that essentially look like cauliflower. This condition is very painful for him leaving him constantly shaking his head, rubbing his ears on the ground, and constant scratching. Bubba needs his ear canals removed which is an extensive surgery that typically costs around $4000. We are hoping to get him accepted into CSU for TECA-BO surgery at a reduced rate of what we hope will be around $2000. The CAWL board has voted to help this sweet dog but we are desperately in need of donations to help cover these costs. Please consider helping this wonderful companion who has been left to suffer for so long.
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  • Jennifer Rush

    Such a cutie! CSU’s Vet Teaching Hospital is an amazing place, so wonderful of them to offer help to this adorable boy! Donation in!

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