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Palmer Lake Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project

By: Lisa Petri, CAWL Vice President

Volunteers from CAWL spent their Sunday spaying and neutering at the Palmer Lake Mobile Home Park.  Over sixty cats were sterilized and thirteen were placed in foster homes to be prepared for adoption.

Dolly, a resident of the mobile [Read more…]

Denver Pet Expo 2011

This past Saturday, Lisa P. and I packed up the truck with 2 dogs, a cat, a new banner, t-shirts galore and a number of other accouterments to spice up CAWL’s first booth at the Denver Pet Expo held at Denver Merchandise Mart. CAWL along [Read more…]

CAWL’s Native Lands Project Helps Three Communities in Need

As summer comes to a close, CAWL and its unstoppable spay/neuter team, composed entirely of volunteers, continues to work in those areas of the country that need spay/neuter the most- Indian Reservations.

With the numbers of unaltered animals extremely high, and spay/neuter options scarce, CAWL [Read more…]